Hit The Floor Episode Seven: Too Close For Comfort


Oh we certainly saw this brewing, Hit The Floor. From Derek‘s intimate advice about doing what you love, to his very philanthropic display of admiration for Ahsha at the Devils charity bash, there’s been an underlying tension around the “friendship” these so-called coworkers have all season long. But I can’t necessarily say I expected German to act on his frustration in such an aggressive way. Don’t those fancy, well-tailored suits limit your arm movement?!

Finally, Ahsha’s puppy dog of a boyfriend made it clear to just about everyone in plain sight that he’s had enough of this Devils charade. Derek wants his girl–we know it and she knows it–and he doesn’t have a college degree just so he can ignore all the obvious signs of their mutual flirtation, while continuing to walk around with a “Kick Me” sign on his back. Derek’s comments about Ahsha being a “dream girl” are flattering but border on disrespectful, given their suggestive nature and the media’s likely decision to spin them into front page news. But, so far no one has acted on said attraction (if you forget the elevator kiss), and Ahsha is looking to move into an even bigger place with her boo, so they can plan a life together… or she can curl up in her own space and text Derek words of encouragement. Love triangles have and will continue to exist so long as we humans get a look a something bright and shiny. There’s no denying that Ahsha is a catch, but so is German! This time, it’s the former who needs to reevaluate her priorities and act accordingly.

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