Hit The Floor Episode Seven: Too Close For Comfort


As for another pseudo-couple who has no problem throwing caution to the wind, Pete and Sloane are enjoying being able to reminisce about all the things they used to like (and clearly still do) about each other. Now that the baby drama is somewhat behind them, they can put their wants and needs first and worry about whether or not they’ll “make it” long-term later on–at least after a quickie in the middle of the afternoon. Sloane’s been harboring Pete-related anger for years, and now that she’s reunited with her darling daughter, she deserves to have some fun. But will rolling around with Pete be a worry-free activity, or simply bring up past issues? Olivia seems to be fixated on righting pasts wrongs–though remains a bit confused on how “hooking up her boyfriend” falls under Things You Should Not Do To Your BFF, even 20 -some years later. You live, yes, but do you always learn? Kudos to Pete for spelling things out so clearly, and once again reminding us that there were both regrettable hairstyles and disastrous decisions during his day as a Devils player.

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