Hit The Floor Episode Seven: Too Close For Comfort


Before Derek was lifted out of his mansion-depression and ongoing party full of strangers (a la Jesse Pinkman), he was stewing over the possibility of his boy Terrence seeking alternative employment to help him better achieve his goal: a championship. The Devils might be able to get Russell Westbrook or Tony Parker in exchange (two real-life players who you’d be happy to have on your pick-up squad) but breaking up the power duo of Roman and Wall gives us flashbacks to the painful parking garage fallout between Stevie J and Benzino. Some dudes just belong together, but Terrence has made his desires known for some time and Derek’s unpredictable ways have “liability” written all over them. What’s that, Jelena? Oh, you didn’t know your man was attempting to finagle his way out of Los Angeles? At least you’ll have a table at the hottest restaurant in town to collect your tears. Was Ahsha’s decision to spill the truth about Jelena’s man in poor form, or a natural reaction after her relentless bullying? Is is possible that there’s a heart under Jelena’s harsh exterior and body-hugging ensembles? Is Terrence’s disappearance all a part of an elaborate ruse that can only lead to a juice bar named “My Favorite Devil”?

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