Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 12 – Free To Be Turned Up


Traci decides it’s up to her to tell Rasheeda what Kirk was up to at her event. She explains that he and Mary Jane were regaling her with their tales of turned-up-ness and Rasheeda responds “That s— makes me sick.”
“Your married ass don’t need to be turned nowhere!”

Rasheeda’s held it together thus far, but this is the last straw for her and she breaks down. “We gonna chop up this business and we he can get the f— steppin’,” she says. And at this moment who should walk out, but the man himself.
When Rasheeda asks him about this lake business he tells her “You said do me, get the f— outta here, don’t come back, do what you wanna do….why would it be a problem?” he asks.
Rasheeda, in tears, tells him “I hate you right now.”

“When I told Kirk ‘Do you,’ that meant go out there and figure out exactly what’s going on with yourself. I didn’t give him no free pass to run out here and be a ho.”

She asks him to be straight and tell her exactly what he did at the lake and Kirk, who looks smug and righteous while also realizing his free pass is about to hit him in the ass so hard, says “I was drunk! So…it was some girls there. I was in the Jacuzzi. There were some girls in the bed. So, yeah.” SO YEAH.

When Rasheeda flips out, he maintains this weird sociopathic calm and tells her to relax and has the gall to lock her out of her house when he goes inside to get his things.

“You’re a liar, you’re a g–damn cheat, and I’m tired of your ass,” she says throwing hos clothes on the lawn.


He literally runs away from her while she tells us “My husband can come back when he done riding bikes with Benzino old no-neck ass. Send your raggedy-ass hoes to get the burned up clothes since you wanna turn up. Turn up on that s–t.”

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