Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 12 – Free To Be Turned Up


Joseline wants that ring but she also wants to take a few more steps towards a full-on life with Stevie. After all, someone needs to cook him that steak. Together they go look at a house together and she points out all the luxuries it has to offer, like heated floors and a giant kitchen table they can have sex on.
“Yo, ma, pump your brakes!” Stevie says. While they straddle each other on the poor homeowner’s bed, he tells her he’s not all the way on board with buying the house and she gives him one pf her better Joseline-isms: “I’m going to be an old lady without no hair, and gray hairs on my p—y before you give me a commitment!”
Amazingly, this works. “I want it,” he tells her. The house, the wedding, the commitment, all of it. “With Mimi acting all crazy,” Stevie says, Joseline may just win Stevie after all.

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