Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 12 – Free To Be Turned Up


Bambi’s back! Turns out she’s tight with Traci, so she shows up to an event Traci is hosting and invites Benzino. To complicate things, Benzino invites Kirk, and Bambi invites Mary Jane, the woman Kirk messed with at the cabin. “Dr. Love don’t have an explanation for this, right here,” Benzino says.

They all start to fill Traci in on how very turned up it was at the cabin and Traci, who is friends with Rasheeda and attended her baby shower, if you’ll recall, is like “The hell going on around here?” She doesn’t like what she sees (Kirk flirting freely with Mary Jane, Mary Jane defending Kirk’s “free pass”) and she’s sure Rasheeda wouldn’t like it either, but she and Sean leave so they can leave all this “turned up” business behind.

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