Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 12 – Free To Be Turned Up


Momma Dee has called everyone in her kingdom together for a party because, as it turns out, Scrappy’s time in jail was much shorter than anticipated and he’s made it out. Erica is happy, for Emani’s sake, that Scrappy is out of jail, but she has to come clean to him and admit she pawned his ring.

“You pawn TVs, you know what I’m saying? You pawn stuff you know you can get back real quick. The ring though?” Scrappy says. He’s hurt. “I ain’t with that s—t.” He explains that the act of his buying the ring meant he was making his family whole and he couldn’t wait to give it to Erica. Her selling it shows him what an ungrateful person she is. He walks away upset, and Momma Dee starts yelling about how Erica “struck again” and Erica’s mother comes at the queen and her prince, and it becomes an all-out battle between the moms. (“She ain’t the Queen of the South, she’s the Queen of S—t!” Mingnon yells.)
Amid the ruckus, Erica teeters on her heels and falls over, and her Scrappy tries to hold her mom back, but they accuse him of trying to come at her. They leave the party screaming about making sure Scrappy gets sent back to jail, and Scrappy runs off defending himself saying he was just trying to hold her back.

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