Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa On Pete And Sloane: They Did It All For The Nookie


How about Pete/Olivia in the limo? He basically called her out as an opportunist. She spit some venom back at him and made total sense. Still, methinks she doth protest too much. Olivia knows how to get things done. Which you will witness the next couple of weeks…

This week also saw Jelena drop a huge bomb on Ahsha when—oh wait, OTHER WAY AROUND BITCH. Ahsha learned Terrence wants to be traded, something she thought Jelena knew. (Or did she, really? Was this an accident or do you think Ahsha maaaaaybe knew what she was doing?) Hey Jelena, how ya like the taste of dem apples? Clearly not at all as she proceeded to call Terrence and chew him the hell out, all while smiling for photographers. WERK. For such a seemingly stand-up guy, Terrence sure does keep a lot of secrets. Hmmm…

AND WHAT ABOUT THAT DANCE? Confession: I never watched Haley Reinhart’s season of American Idol so I didn’t know who she was. But when I heard this song I flipped. Add the B.o.B. rap and I had to have it for the Paramount dance. Our girls did such an amazing job fusing old Hollywood with some bumping and grinding. That’s a big reason why I love our choreographer Michael Rooney–-he respects the past enough to pay homage to it in a contemporary way. Dancing in gowns to B.o.B.?? GIVE IT TO ME.

And Mia! Lurking like a creepster. Stealing badges, rummaging through lockers. She is nothing if not determined. She got to all the girls except one, asking Raquel “Who’s Ahsha?” Uh-oh. BUT WHAT’S MIA’S STORY? AND WHAT’S ON THAT MICROPHONE? If you caught the teaser for next week, you see Sloane’s cornered her in the house. Sloane wants answers, and what Sloane wants, Sloane gets…

I’m telling you not to miss next week. Was I too subtle?


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