Hit The Floor Episode Eight: Mia Comes Clean And Derek Makes His Sales Pitch


Hit The Floor Episode 8: Mia

“I’m just so tired of running,” an emotionally exhausted Mia revealed to Sloane on tonight’s Hit The Floor. Sure, Mia may have been stalking Ahsha for an ungodly amount of time, but any lost child in trouble is deserving of a warm cup of tea and thoughtful conversation as far as Ms. Hayes is concerned.

Hit The Floor took a big step towards solving Mia’s mystery tonight, by getting her to open up to Mama Sloane. You mean she can pull herself away from hotel romps with Pete Davenport long enough to listen to someone else’s problems? Apparently!

After quickly making sure this anxious stranger sitting outside her door wasn’t trying to harm her little girl, Sloane sat Mia down for some real talk. She was a Devil Girl once, so she knows what Owner Oscar is capable of. Pimping out one of his employees to referees and opposing players in hope of controlling the spread? A good businessman is always trying to make a dollar, but this kind of activity has to make it difficult to sleep at night. Sloane tucked Mia in and assured her this mess would go all away, and she almost looked like she believed it–that is, until she spotted some red sequins lying on the floor. That Devil Girl uniform–with microphone intact–was her diamond in the rough, and now that she’s in possession of her prize, I have absolutely no idea what she’ll do from here. Do you? I’m also a bit peeved she didn’t leave Sloane a goodbye note. The woman gave you fresh towels!

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