La La’s Full Court Life Episode 1: “The Honey Nut Cheerios Thing Was So Stupid”


La Dice
This week on the season premiere of La La’s Full Court Life, La La fills us in on what’s been going o in her life during the off-season, most notable, the “Honey Nut Cheerios incident.”

Sure, La La’s career is at a high point with movies like Baggage Claim and Think Like a Man killing it at the box office, but the one thing everyone was talking about this spring was a certain cereal. “The Honey Nut Cheerios thing was so stupid,” La says at the beginning of the episode, not wasting any time getting right into it. “Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock,” she says, “you’ve seen the headlines, the craziness, the rumors, the blogs. It became a social media nightmare and caused us a lot of stress.” As a family, they got over it and La La is NOT one to dwell on the negative, so after making her brief statement about the incident, it’s time to move on and focus on career, friends, and family, as she always does.

Among all her other ventures, La La is now an author. As she prepares for her book cover release party, we learn that she has an evil streak (Po’s words, not ours!) because in her efforts to bring Dice, now an Atlanta resident, back to New York, La La lies to Dice, telling her she got a job on the radio. Eeeee-VIL! In the clips below, watch what happens when La goes too far.

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