Po Johnson Recaps The La La’s Full Court Life Season Four Premiere


La La’s Full Court Life Season Four started off with a bang last night, addressing some of the more memorable tabloid headlines from La’s recent past. “The Honey Nut Cheerios thing was so stupid,” La said of the NBA headline that made breakfast lovers cringe. But what does one of her best friends and partners in crime think?

In order to get to know La, you’ve got to get to know her friends. Po and Dice have been with her through thick and thin, supporting her own personal and professional triumphs while hustling to make their own dreams come true. For more on what it’s like to run with La La’s crew (and reap the benefits of her designer tastes high-end crash pads) check out Po’s take, below.

My friends (Lala and Dice) and I are always on some sorta wild adventure! Since I’ve met them, life hasn’t been the same. I’ve traveled, laughed, cried, run naked, gotten way more piercings than I care to admit to and actually have acquired another family. What can I say? My life is good.

So much has changed since the last time you guys saw us. I officially have an address, and I have a real music project that will soon be released. Dice has moved out of her mom’s place into her own swanky ATL pad fit for an OCD G such as herself. Of course, La has all kinds of things going on. She’s booked a big time movie and actually made the poster!!! And get this: she’s an author… HA! But with all this comes a price.

I can’t front. It’s awesome having friends like La La and Melo. You get access to things no one would ever allow you to attend, free clothes, trips, etc. But it’s awful when you have to see your friends get subjected to the scrutiny of one person’s comment–especially when it’s clearly not true. I’m referring to the “Honey Nut Cheerios” comment. It was such BS, but the emotional toll that it took on La was not. La, is one of the strongest women I’ve met, and I learn a lot from her. When it comes to her family–specifically her husband and her son–she does not take things lightly. This time it really got to her. All Dice and I can do is be there for her: crack jokes, work out, and get her mind off of things. Unfortunately, we can’t govern people’s mouths–although there’s a few that I’d like to govern and punch in the mouth!

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