Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 13 – Making That Move


Your Boy Been SMOKIN’

As part of the terms of his bail, Scrappy had to take a drug test, and it came back positive for marijuana. “Your boy been smokin‘!” he says. He’s now got to go see a drug counselor in order to “see what is wrong with me. Why I can’t stop smizznaieezin’. You know what I’m saying?” JUST BARELY, SCRAPPY!

Scrappy tells Momma Dee that his plan is to shake the “bad leaves” off his tree, and getting help for his drug use is one way. Momma Dee thinks that eliminating Erica and Mingnon from their lives is another way. “Guess what, Erica? You huffed and you puffed and you tried to blow the palace down. But guess what? You ran outta air, bitch. You ran outta air!”


Scrappy heads to counseling because, he says, “I wanna know if I really have a marijuana problem. I wanna know if I’m on some Snoop Dogg type stuff where I can’t stop. Because I’m facing jail time, ladies and gentlemen, and…I ain’t stoppin’.” The counselor suggests he see a psychologist for Scrappy to get over his addiction. When he meets the psychologist, he points out the simple fact that Scrappy chooses smoking weed over his own daughter, and that kicks Scrappy in the ass. “The way he put it, I understand. I need to make some changes in my life.” Off to rehab he goes.

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