Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 13 – Making That Move


Lettin’ It Flow

Drew realized he was in the wrong regarding the way he treated Dashaun at Traci’s DJ gig, so he invites the couple to lunch. But then, like a total dad, he asks Dashaun what his intentions are with Traci. It makes sense that he’s concerned because they have little Drew to worry about, but it’s still a little condescending. UNTIL. Until Drew brings up Dashaun’s past.
Mug Shot
Up till now, Dashaun has told Traci he’s got a “clean slate.”

“I’m A-1 good, homie,” he says. But he’s caught off-guard when Drew pulls out his mug shot. Traci’s caught off-guard too.

She has had this conversation with him in the past and he’s lied about it consistently (makes you wonder why she never Googled him herself, right?) but this will not stand. While she goes in on Dashaun and his lying, and how she can’t trust him, Drew’s reaction is the best.

“I’m just eating some tuna.”

And while he eats his tuna, Traci takes Dashaun outside to hear his side of the story and explain what the words “honesty” and “trust” mean and she decides they should go their separate ways. Not so A-1 good anymore, homie.

Drew admits that at first, his motivation was to win Traci back for himself, but now that he realizes that won’t happen, he actually feels bad about ruining her relationship, and he goes over to apologize. “I realized after this whole situation that I really f—ed this up.”

“Yeah, you did,” she agrees. Traci isn’t just going off of one little lie that Dashaun told, she’s been conditioned, by Drew, to be in relationships with liars, and she’s not having it anymore. “It’s a cycle, and I’m not going down that road again.”

She makes Drew acknowledge his past behavior, and he sais “I f—ed around while you were pregnant,” which brings tears to her eyes. But he then points out “You’re holding it against people in your relationships. I want to see you move on. Be happy.” Well that was actually…sweet. “She deserves and amazing man. It’s just, that amazing man is not me.”

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