Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 13 – Making That Move


Mimi has known Kirk for a long time. So now that she’s heard Rasheeda’s side of things, she has Kirk over to hear his side. After he goes in about how he doesn’t feel appreciated by Rasheeda, Mimi gives him the disapproving Mom look and asks “Do you think her not showing you attention is worth breaking up your marriage and your family?? Are you prepared to fix this or are you having just too much fun?” Kirk’s reaction is to smile and admit that he did have some fun.
Mimi can’t. “Why is it that a man will risk everything for a lousy two-dollar ho?”

“Are you going to be able to look your children in the face if you f— this up?” Mimi asks him. “What kind of example is this for your son??”

“I got you,” Kirk responds. He seems to maybe get it. But he still has that blank look we’ve come to know.

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