Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa Promises More Shirtless Scenes To Come


Derek Roman Flexing 2

Last night’s episode of Hit The Floor featured one heartfelt speech, one window escape, and one cameo by The-Dream. There was a ton of new information to be processed, and lots of real talk about feelings.

But did you miss seeing the fabulous pectoral muscles of Derek Roman doing their thing? HTF creator James LaRosa has an answer for that. Read on for this week’s take on the episode that was.

Sweet baby Jesus what is happening on Hit The Floor?

Where do I start?

I’ll tell you where: WE’RE COMING BACK FOR A SECOND SEASON! Sorry, I’ve been screaming that since the announcement came out yesterday, I’ll get it together I promise. But I will say (sort of calmly) that the entire cast and crew could not be happier or more excited to get freaky on you for another season. Like, Rick James freaky. All. Over. You.

Okay, where were we? Oh right, the episode that began with Jelena holding a knife in her hand. After Ahsha dropped the 411 on her last week that Terrence was looking to be traded, Jelena went DEFCON 666. Jelena claimed it was because she was undermined by Ahsha in front of the other Devil Girls but Terrence knows her better than that–he knows she has monster trust issues and was freaking out over the possibility that a) Terrence might leave and b) what that could mean to their relationship. If he knows her so damn well, why he ain’t tell her in the first place? Hmm…

Terrence spent the better part of the episode trying to talk Jelena off the ledge, or at least get her to be honest about what was really bothering her. In the meantime he explained why he was angling to head to Indianapolis–Derek was wearing him down. Finally after a drink with Raquel (vodka rocks! These girls DRANK), Jelena admitted it to Terrence. Juuuust in time for Terrence to get the call that he failed his drug test… for a drug that aids recovery when you’re worn down. Uh-oh. He promptly denied taking it and asked her if she believes him.

Here’s why I love this story: Jelena is large and in charge in every area of her life–except with Terrence. Since they’re more equals, she’s more vulnerable. She already has trust issues. AND HE NEVER TELLS HER ANYTHING. What’s a HBIC to do? For those people dying to see Jelena get hers, all I’ll say is her Achilles heel is showing…

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