Hit The Floor Episode Nine: Sex, Drugs, And A Dead Devil Girl?


We’ve come to the penultimate episode of Season One, and like George Pelecanos-scripted episodes of The Wire, somebody is about to be swimming with the fishes. Literally, and figuratively? Whoa, Hit The Floor! Way to get very, very dark just when I need you most.

In the middle of a heated Sloane and Olivia conversation that’s long overdue–you don’t always whip out a phrase like “snake-in-the-grass”–Pete rushed in with news that a Devil Girl has been found floating under the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Nearly everyone was leaving somewhere in a hurry by episode’s end, but we can’t imagine whose potential death would make us cry more. Although, after Terrence did some unintentional snooping of his own, sending Jelena to a basketball court in the sky would only be letting her off the hook for what she did. More on that later.

Let’s rewind a bit. Olivia recognized the stiff competition Ahsha was facing just in her Devil Girl teammate, let alone dancers around the country, with the All-Star Game voting. While Jelena has had years to make herself known to fans around the world, Ahsha is a fresh face whom many outside city limits wouldn’t give a double-take. But even the non-basketball or non-Devil Girl fans love gossip! And Olivia understands that dropping a hint to a tabloid or two that Ahsha is former Devils player Pete Davenport would certainly up her Q Score. “You, me, and Pete: we did our damage a long time ago, but if this can help her now–and it will–why shouldn’t she use it?” Olivia asked, pointing out that Sloane’s baby girl is going to be a star.

Olivia might have been bred for this kind of slime, but Ahsha is still pure. She’s has been avoiding communication with Pete in public–especially whenever he tries to get all fatherly with her–so it’s hard to believe she’d want to leak the information to get ahead. While dancing has always been her dream, she seems to value her privacy and personal relationships a lot more than the fleeting love a few hundred thousand strangers could give her with the All-Star vote. Then again, she’s tired of her lack of control and frustrated with everyone making decisions for her. Is this the dawn of the New Ahsha?

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