Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 14 – Enough Is E-Damn-Nough


This week on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, while one marriage dissolves, another is in the works. And while one pair of fake boobs also dissolves, another is getting implanted. Read all about it below.


“I’m gonna give her ass a pass ’cause it’s your mama, but if it had been somebody else, I’d have whooped her ass,” Kirk tells Rasheeda in the aftermath of getting his bike and potted palm run over by Shirleen.

Now, technically Kirk isn’t threatening Shirleen here, but the fact is, he’s still implying he wants to whoop Shirleen’s ass, and that’s so very wrong.

Rasheeda realizes the assh— nature of Kirks ways and proceeds to tell him that she’s pushing forward with a divorce. “At this most crucial time, my husband has walked out on me,” she tells him, but he defends himself, saying “I didn’t walk out. You told me to get the f— out.”

But Kirk got all his shenanigans out of his system, he swears, and now, only now that he got to mess around at the lake, is he ready to fight for Rasheeda’s love. Rasheeda isn’t having it, the fight should have come before he decided to put Mary Jane and a hot tub into play. “If this family is what you want, you fight for it,” she tells him, walking away.

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