Mimi’s Boob Job: Before And After


On tonight’s Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Mimi went under the knife for a “Mommy Makeover,” in order to inflate new life into her boobs. There were a few questions that popped into my head while she explained why she wanted a breast enhancement, and when I saw her recently, I had to get some answers. Find out what she says about nursing for three years, what the deal is with her cute doctor, and see the all-important before and after photo to judge her new girls for yourself.

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The Love And Hip Hop reunion taping was one of the first events I’ve covered since returning from my own maternity leave, and as the mother of a new baby, I couldn’t get over the fact that Mimi claims to have nursed Eva for three years. My main question was “Why?” (or, more accurately: “WHY???”) “Let me tell you,” Mimi said, “my daughter wouldn’t eat, all she wanted was breast milk. She was really adamant about not eating baby food, she just wanted breast milk. I wish I would have brought my Flip Cam, I have video of when I tried to feed her baby food. She was like ‘Nope, I’m not eating that!’ But when she grew in teeth and was, you know, asking for it, I said enough is enough. When you’re asking for the boob…yeah.”

To those who aren’t aware, gravity isn’t always kind to the nursing mom (“Can you imagine what it’s like after three years of it?” Mimi asked), so no judgment here. But the nursing thing wasn’t the only thing that sparked some curiosity. What about Mimi’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Jimerson? The two of them looked like they got along well, so I was curious if there was any spark there. “He’s the best,” she told us, but no, no love connection. “He’s married.”

Curious to see how her old body compares to her new one? Check out a before and after shot of her new body on the next page.

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