Hit The Floor Creator James LaRosa On Ahsha’s Pirouette To The Dark Side


Hit The Floor James LaRosa Episode 9

As a longtime sufferer of Jelena‘s tyrannical ways, Ahsha is finally taking control, momentarily ignoring other people’s feelings. Using Pete Davenport‘s fame–that’s the dad she won’t talk to, in case you forgot–to get ahead in the All-Star vote? Textbook Jelena Howard. We know Hit The Floor likes to push the limit, but can two Devil Girls really be that ruthless?

HTF creator James LaRosa weighs in on last night’s penultimate episode, including Terrence feeling betrayed by the woman he thought he wanted to marry, Derek‘s change of heart, Kyle‘s big reveal, and the unsettling suspicion that a Devil Girl has danced her last routine. Check it out below.

“A Devil Girl was found floating under the Vincent Thomas Bridge.”


God, I was looking forward to this episode all season. Breaking it, writing it, filming it, airing it and now talking the hell all about it!

Why did I love it so much? Let me count the ways:

1. Ahsha’s Pirouette To The Dark Side: What was it going to take to push Care Bear to pull a Jelena-like move? Turns out, a whole lot. First, she had to walk in on her mother having sex with her father, WHICH would be gross enough, except that this is the guy Sloane hid from Ahsha her whole life. Discovering them doing the dirty-dirty didn’t go sooooo well, but in that heated exchange on the front lawn it did give us one of my favorite lines of the episode: “He’s your drug, and you’re back on the pipe all over again.” AHSHA YOU WASH THAT MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP! (Get it? Pipe? HEY-YO!)

Cut to a seething Ahsha cutting through the arena floor and being met by Jelena and her big bag of BS. “I don’t know what Olivia promised you, but if it was humiliation, she delivered. Chin up, All-Star.” WHAT A BITCH.

Olivia had already told Ahsha that leaking the tasty morsel that Pete was her dad would help her get some votes in the All-Star race. But after watching Jelena dance that routine she made Ahsha miss on Opening Day, Ahsha finally snapped. Why was Ahsha protecting two people who, in her mind, weren’t worrying about her at all? Man, eff Pete and Sloane. Soooo she told Olivia to take the info and run. I loved this scene not just because she made that call, but because she let Olivia know SHE knows she was only in this position in the first place because of Olivia’s beef with Jelena. Ahsha’s not stupid. The fact that she then says she wants to beat Jelena not for Olivia but for herself? That’s straight up G.

Learning Pete is Ahsha’s father makes Derek back off of her. Is it because Pete’s his coach? Because she didn’t jump at his Pick Me speech last week? Or because he’s using reverse psychology? HMM… Ahsha’s move also brought her life with German crashing down around her. All thanks to Jelena. WHAT A BITCH. The amount of time Jelena was sitting on that elevator kiss between Derek and Ahsha made you’d think she’d forgotten it. But Jelena don’t forget s–t. Jelena saw the media swarming around Ahsha and knew she had to do something. So she texted German telling him to ask his girl about it. Bam. End of relationship, as German broke up with her (HOW AMAZING WERE JONATHAN McDANIEL AND TAYLOUR PAIGE IN THAT SCEEEEEEEEENE HEART BROKEN WHY WHY WHY).

Ahsha bolted out the door with no German, no Derek, no Sloane, no Pete. No anything. Where do you go from there?

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