The Last Straw: The Best Moments From This Week’s Hollywood Exes


Hollywood Exes S2E4

When we left the ladies from Hollywood Exes last week, Mayte had just introduced her adopted daughter, Gia, to her friends. Jessica openly questioned how the birth mother could give up her child, to the chagrin of the other women. Everyone managed to hold their tongues, but Drea had particular difficulty with keeping her thoughts to herself.

The tension definitely spills into this week’s episode, with Drea vowing to immediately confront Jessica when issues arise in the future. We also see the ladies go wild at a costume party — and wonder if Jose and Jessica still have sparks between them. And a new celebrity ex joins the crew!

Mama Don’t Play That

Sheree and Drea end up shopping for baby clothes, spurred by meeting little Gia. They’re both excited for Mayte, but the conversation quickly turns to Jessica’s ill-timed comments. Drea still can’t believe Jessica doesn’t know when to shut her mouth. But even though she was “on fire” at the time, Drea feels that getting into an altercation would’ve only dampened Mayte’s special moment.

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