Hit The Floor Episode 10: The Devils Shake Things Up


For all the new questions it left us with, the Hit The Floor season finale managed to clear up one thing: Mia is dead–but you knew that already (right?). I’m sad to see a young women with such light and promise go, but it makes the most sense for Mia to float on up to that basketball court in the sky, ridding herself of all the evil machinations turning inside the twisted minds of those around her, than any one else in this dysfunctional gang.

The Devils did their best to mourn her death, and appear like they were truly honoring her legacy before all interested members of the press. Oscar has a fancy new arena to break ground on in a matter of hours and Chase Vincent has an alleged rape case to keep under wraps. Yes, Olivia’s hubby had a major “misunderstanding” with formerly Missing Mia, which left her feeling deeply vulnerable, kicking off her downward spiral and life on the run. RIP Mia, you were dealt a crappy hand and got swallowed up in a very questionable organization which seems to only be concerned with the team’s bottom line, not the well being of its employees. But do you know who is going to ensure something like this NEVER happens again? Sloane Hayes.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new Devil Girl Director! Did you predict that Jelena‘s conversation with Oscar and that manilla envelope would lead to Olivia‘s ousting? This was just the latest tense conversation between these two, who’ve been at each other’s throats for the entire season (and apparently many years before that). Both are powerful women with the potential for evil–although Olivia’s is somewhat retired, her publicity stunt with Ahsha and history with Sloane suggests she knows how to Jelena somebody when necessary. Without a job in the Devils organization, how will she keep herself decked out in designer duds we can’t help but drool over? And will her husband’s somewhat shady dealings with Oscar cause the power couple’s status to come crashing down? STAY TUNED.

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