Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Finale: “Life Partner Gang! LPG, Baby!”


If only we could all be a part of Stevie’s Life Partner Gang!

Life Partners

Most women wouldn’t go out and buy their man a ring and propose, but Joseline is not most women. During their trip to Puerto Rico to film Joseline’s video, she took it upon herself to present Stevie with a ring. It must look distorted with his Stevie-vision because he’s like “What’s this??”

“It’s a ring,” Joseline says.
Stevie Joseline
When Joseline asks for his answer to the big question, most women would know to read between the lines and figure out what his silence and bumbling means, but Joseline being Joseline takes it as a soft yes. “I’m gonna say…we got time,” he tells her. “I’m not gonna say yeah right now. And I’m not gonna say no.” Sadly, Stevie’s wishy-washiness is only a sign of what else is to come in this episode. Stevie explains “Just wait. Patience is the key to everything great, baby.” Does Stevie really think the plan he has in store is so great?

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