Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Finale: “Life Partner Gang! LPG, Baby!”


“What the f— is this man up to?”

“It’s time for celebration!” Joseline says as she walks into Stevie’s long-awaited “just be patient” setup. The room is decked out in rose petals, Stevie is tickling the ivories, and Joseline is dressed up. And so is Mimi.

“What’s going on?” Joseline asks. Mimi, also wants to know, “What the f— is this man up to?” Well, let him explain.

“I’m both of y’all’s family,” he tells them. And he says the two things he was put on earth to do are to make music and to take care of his family. So with that, he tells Joseline “This life partner scenario, I wanna make it official.” He slides a ring onto her finger, and Mimi chuckles over on the couch.
“I’m excited, but not really because I got somebody here who’s disturbing me,” Joseline says.

Stevie walks over to Mimi to offer her “A small token” of his appreciation to her, and hands her the same ring box. “Classic Stevie J! Classic!” Joseline finds it less funny. “Are you serious? You bitch!” she screams as she tries to pound on Stevie. “After all I do for you!”
“Where you goin’, ma? I just approved your membership for the Life Partner Gang!” Stevie says. “And you’re leaving already? The LPG won’t be the same without the baddest boosh!”

In the end, it’s Stevie who takes the elevator down while Joseline goes back toward Mimi. “You wanted him, girl. You got him,” Mimi tells her. Maybe after two seasons there are lessons to be learned from Mimi after all? Only the reunion will tell…

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