Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Finale: “Life Partner Gang! LPG, Baby!”




Scrappy is in a 30-day treatment facility for his drug use and even though it’s not jail, he’s on lockdown and serious about his rebirth. (He’s also growing a mean playoff beard.) He’s so serious about his progress that he’s not Lil Scrappy in here, he’s Darryl Richardson. He has all the time in the world to think about his life right now and he says “I’m thinking to myself, how the hell did I get into this s—? And the way I see it, it’s all the women in my life, starting with my ma.”
When Momma Dee shows up for a visit, he blames the ladies he loves for his drug use. “You, Erica, Shay…y’all got me smokin’ heavy,” he tells his mother. God bless Momma Dee, she breaks it down for him. “I hear what you’re saying about the triggers with me, Erica, and Shay, but at the end of the day, we all have a choice to make. No one’s controlling us. We do what we wanna do. You didn’t smoke because of me, Shay, and Erica.”
“I need for you to stand up and be that man that I taught you to be and stop pointing the finger at MOI,” she says.

Scrappy tells her that half his drug problem is because of her. “You can’t go down to one third?” she asks. Then he tells her she needs to be the bigger person when it comes to Erica and just accept her for who she is. That doesn’t sit well with Momma, but he needs this. “How does it look to be half a family?” he asks.
Reluctantly she agrees, telling him “All right, Darryl.” He hits her back with “So chill out, Debra.” And now we know what the Dee stands for!

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