Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Finale: “Life Partner Gang! LPG, Baby!”


Safe Sex And Paychecks Is What It’s All About

“Me and my mouth, we’ve managed to rub some people the wrong way,” K.Michelle explains as she invites all her friends together for a dinner to “close this chapter of my life.” Yes, the girl is making big changes, and along with that comes making amends.

K explains that since Mimi wasn’t around (“She was nursing her ta tas.”) to join her, she invited her new homegirl, Joseline, out to the gathering. So once everyone is there, she tells the group “I am moving to New York City. I’m leaving Atlanta, officially. I’ve outgrown being here.” Her new music management is in New York, and so it a whole new world of potential suitors who may be compatible with that Hot Pocket.

“I haven’t had sex in eight months,” she says, and Joseline is NOT having it. “Ain’t no way. Bitch, I can’t go two days without no d*ck. I get beefcake every day.”
Ariane isn’t sure how to respond.

Everyone, including Erica, who tried to beat Joseline’s ass last season, is surprised at how fun she is to hang out with, and the setting seems like the right time to make her own big announcement. “Me and Stevie got engaged!” she says, waving her ring around.
Ariane is skeptical and gets Joseline to admit that Stevie didn’t give Joseline that ring, it was Joseline who proposed.
But Joseline doesn’t care about the details, as a woman, she explains, it’s up to her to take control of the situation.

They get back to K.Michelle’s news and toast to her move, and she triumphantly declares “My hot pocket is open for business!”

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