Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Finale: “Life Partner Gang! LPG, Baby!”


Benzino’s “Smashed Da Homie” video, based on (or not) his situation with Joseline was released last week, and Stevie sits down with Zino Grigio and his Joseline look-alike to air out the situation. When Stevie sees the woman impersonating his maybe-fiancee, he says “I don’t know what garbage can he found Oscar the Grouch out.” Ouch.
Benzino apologizes for their issues and Stevie accepts, pointing to Fake-Joseline and says “She’s all right.” “I know I am,” Fake-Joseline says. She’s certainly got the self-assurance of the real Joseline! Stevie doesn’t really want to have the rest of this conversation with Fakey-J nearby so she excuses herself and the men talk it out. Stevie wished Benzino had talked to him before making the video, but he forgives and moves on.

Then Stevie shows off the ring Joseline gave him and explains that he was proposed to. In his mind though, it’s not a situation of “man and wife,” so much as it’s a request to be a part of the “life partner gang! LPG, baby!”

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