Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Finale: “Life Partner Gang! LPG, Baby!”



K.Michelle is now cool with Karlie Redd. K.Michelle is now cool with Joseline. There’s only one person left for her to be cool with and that’s Rasheeda.

“I got K.Michelle to sit down with the one person she refused to sit down with,” Karlie Redd, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, says. “And that’s Rasheeda, baby.”

“I think this bitch’s head not on straight, or she done bumped s— or something,” Rasheeda says when she first hears about Karlie’s plan. “Me being pregnant walking into a situation with K.Michelle may not be the right thing to do. But you know what? F— it. I’m here now, let’s see what’s about to go down.”

K admits that she came at Rasheeda out of hurt, not anger, and all their fighting was because she just never expected Rasheeda to comment on K’s life the way she did. “I don’t want no bad for you,” she says. “And I don’t want no bad for you,” Rasheeda reciprocates. This is the season of handling things maturely, because they do come to a truce, no candles are thrown, and K is able to move to New York with no broken relationships left behind.

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