Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Finale: “Life Partner Gang! LPG, Baby!”


“The Only Thing That Loves You”

Benzino has apologized to Stevie for “Smashed Da Homie,” but really it’s Joseline he needs forgiveness from because she’s the subject of this whole thing, so the three of them meet for a drink. Kirk mentioned earlier that Benzino’s advice was to shower Rasheeda with gifts to get back in with her, and Benzino tries this trick with Joseline, giving her a box of Godivas. These men. Look at yourselves! Balloons will not erase cheating! Chocolates will not erase claiming you slept with someone and then making a video about it!

Joseline accepts the chocolates and the apologies but she tells Benzino “Y’all were supposed to be friends. And you were to respect your friend’s woman.”

She then explains “I’m not even thinking about old Benzino. And not only that, the song’s not even hot.” Dammmnn.

Benzino leaves and Joseline turns the topic back to the engagement and asks “When we gonna get married?” Stevie warns her not to ask too many times, and she tells him “I don’t give a f—! I have to ask you, ’cause if I wait on you it will never happen.”

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