He Went To Jared! Stevie, Mimi, And Joseline Give Us The Dirt On The Life Partner Gang Proposal




“He didn’t propose to both of us,” Joseline clarifies when we asked about Stevie presenting both women with rings. “He gave her a friendship ring. As far as him giving her a friendship ring, I don’t have any problem with that, I don’t think he should have did it on the same day that he gave me a ring on my wedding finger, but Stevie do things how he wanna do them, I’m not really tripping on it. He gave her a pinky ring and he gave me mine for my wedding finger, so it’s a big difference.” I believe when he gave her that friendship ring, he shouldn’t have done it on the same day that he gave me my ring, but after we went home and talked about it, it’s not even that serious.”

When I asked her if she was hurt by Mimi’s laughter at the situation, Joseline has a perfectly reasonable explanation. “I’m pretty sure Mimi was laughing to hold from crying. She can’t stand the fact that me and her baby daddy are together…I guess she was laughing because she couldn’t even believe he would give me a ring on my wedding finger and he gives her a friendship ring letting her know like, this is my girl. She already knows that, she knows I’m his girl.”

So what about the “Life Partner Gang” term he coined, that’s gotta hurt, doesn’t it? “I think that Stevie chooses his words however he wants to choose them, and I learned not to take Stevie so seriously because I’m always with him, we’re always together, so I don’t take too seriously what Stevie says anymore to his baby mother or to anybody else. I just learn to laugh at it and go with the flow, as long as he keeps getting me those deals and getting me those checks.”
[Photos: Jennine Cusimano for VH1]

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