Basketball Wives Episode 1: “This Is My Reality”


After the interviews, Ev goes to see her mom and the reality of the situation and what she’s lost sets in. “Why is this happening to my life?” she asks.

“Words can’t even explain how dark I felt,” she says. “This can’t be my life.”

The conversation turns to Chad, and Ev’s mom, Sylvia, asks “What the hell happened to him?” and Evelyn responds “He likes ass.”

Turns out Chad send Sylvia a text apologizing for his behavior, but Sylvia’s not having it. She reads Ev his apology and the response that she wrote back to him, and Evelyn is upset that he’s still tweaking his version of the story. “This is supposed to be my husband, he’s supposed to protect me, and still to this day, he hasn’t said s—, he hasn’t said ‘My wife had nothing to do with this,'” she says. “That’s crazy to me.”

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