Basketball Wives Episode 2: Weave Wars



Tasha Marbury
, wife of Stephon and longtime friend of Evelyn, finally gets her moment this week on Basketball Wives. Evelyn’s still in L.A. and meets up with her friend of fourteen years to catch up, drink a little wine, and get her psyched to meet the girls. Even Tami.

Stephon has been playing ball in China for the past four years, leaving Tasha alone with their two kids to rule the roost. It’s a lonely life, and it’s time for her to come into her own. “She’s just at a point in her life where she wants something for herself,” Evelyn explains.

Tasha asks the very important question of whether or not Evelyn is going to start dating again, and Ev says that she and Chad still share a spiritual connection, so she’s not quite ready. Like Suzie, she says she’d rather be celibate than jump into the dating pool any time soon.

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