Basketball Wives Episode 2: Weave Wars


In case you were wondering why everyone keeps thinking things could go wrong with Tasha and Tami, the night of the party when we see Evelyn and Shaunie arrive, their first directive is to take off their shoes. It’s a rule in Tasha’s house.
“She’s very OCD,” Evelyn explains. “It may be a bit much, but at least she’s not a hoarder and a pig.” True. But is this move just a symptom of the bouge that draws Tami’s ire?

Actually, no! When Tami arrives, she immediately offers to take her shoes off with no problem. “The old girl cleaned herself up because, you know, I’m amongst the bougie and fashionable,” she explains.

Once Tami learns that Tasha’s opening a weave bar, her ears perk up because she doesn’t view this as competition at all, rather she sees her as an ally. One who can sell her product at her new salon.

When the (male) chef comes out to tell the ladies what they’ll be eating for the night, Suzie decides that it’s an opportune time to bring up the whole other chef question.
“You can tell me to shut up,” she begins, “but is the chef thing a true story?”
“What do you think? Tasha smiles, while all the other ladies lower their eyes.

We don’t know, Tasha! That’s why she’s asking!

But since we have a week to let it marinate, what do you think is going to happen at the dinner party, part II? Will things go really left, or will the ladies really be the positive human beings they’re supposed to be? Discuss.

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