Basketball Wives Episode 2: Weave Wars


Ev heads to New York for some quality time with her mom and sister, and it’s an emotional roller coaster because they’re all still mourning the loss of her brother-in-law, Anthony. As soon as Evelyn starts talking about those dark days after her altercation with Chad and the death of Anthony, all three women start to cry and Evelyn reveals that there was a time that she really wanted to die because she lost the two men in her life that she adored.
Her mother, always the one with just the right thing to say, tells her, “Just give it time, mama.” No parent, sister, or friend ever wants to hear that their loved one wanted to die, and Evelyn needs all the support she can get from her family.

Evelyn brings up the fact that Tami thinks she should give Chad the benefit of the doubt, because she believes people can change. Evelyn now tells her family she doesn’t really believe that, even though last week it sounded like she might have been entertaining the idea. “My biggest fear is going back to Chad and ending up in the same situation that I was in before.”

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