Basketball Wives Episode 2: Weave Wars


Suzie appears to be having an existential crisis this season and she’s concerned that life is passing her by. All that celibacy seems to be clearing her head. (Wasn’t that a Seinfeld episode?) Tami meets her for a drink to see why she’s in such a funk.
Suzie says that she’s thinking of going back to school because she’s just not happy with all the nothing she’s done. (Again, her life is Seinfeld.) Tami tells her that they’re all going to Tasha’s to meet her and then reveals the story from Evelyn’s book that’s reminiscent of Tasha’s life, with the chef and the basketball player having an affair. “That’s pretty juicy!” Suzie says.

Tami really wants to know more dirt on this story so she tells Suzie that when they’re at Tasha’s party “You can ask her.”

“I’m always saying the dumb s—,” Suzie admits. “‘Have you ever had a chef?'”

Tami also tells Suzie, who is now the pawn in her game, to go on TMZ and find out everything she can about a reported hush money settlement that Stephon made to this chef. This dinner really is going to go all the way right or all the way left.

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