The Tough Love Interview With Chris, a.k.a. Mr. Peter Pan


If, as you said, you knew what some of your bad dating habits were already and you had been called out on them, why didn’t you do anything to change them?

Don’t get me wrong, I go on a lot of dates with girls, and there are a lot of girls who appreciate me. I’m funny, yes. Am I the loudest person in the room sometimes? Yes. Does that make me an ass clown? No. I’ve met many women that appreciate a funny, outgoing guy. I don’t care what other people think, they either think I’m funny or I’m not. Actually, there are the ones that like me and the ones that don’t.

How did you get along with the rest of the cast?

Oh, the rest of the cast was awesome. It was a little rough at first with Kyle because she was a little bit crazy at first, but the whole cast was awesome. We had so much fun together. Everybody was fun and loud, when we walked around together, we were the life of the party, we’re all still really good friends.

Did you ever feel the urge to armchair-analyze your cast mates, like offer your two cents about what you thought their issues were and how they could change?

Actually, me being 32, the same age as Steve, I actually gave the girls a lot of advice that Steve ended up giving them in our group sessions. I think it was just the male perspective on a girl.

Was it hard to take another guy’s advice on how to better yourself, or was it easier to take advice from Monica, his sister?

Okay, number one, I would take any advice Monica Ward ever gives, I am totally sweet on Monica Ward, she was like, my favorite part of the show. But you know, I take advice pretty well, it was just the fact that I didn’t like Steve’s advice. He ragged on me for the qualities I find my most charming and individualistic. You see it on the Hot Seat when he calls me a man-child. I had to ask him why being a man-child was such a bad thing. What’s wrong with being a man with a great job but who acts like a kid sometimes — that’s a bad thing?

What do you think you learned from this while experience?

Maybe sometimes less is more, when it comes to my outgoing personality. Yes, even though I like acting like that, it can come off as a tad bit much. Maybe if I see a girl, maybe, Chris, you might need to rein it in a little bit. But I pretty much am what I am.

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