Basketball Wives Episode 3: Really Right Or Really Wrong


Oh, yes she did.
Before we get into the helmet comment, let’s talk about the chef comment.

It’s time for the answer we’ve all been waiting for. Last week, Suzie caused a tense moment when she asked Tasha if the chef story — the rumor that Stephon Marbury cheated on Tasha with their chef — was true. “It’s okay,” Tasha says this week, finally giving us her answer. “It happened, it’s over with, it’s in the past. You know, things happen.” Tasha can tell the question made everyone uncomfortable and asks all the women “What you ducking and dodging for?” Tami says that she thinks this was Tasha’s personal business, and implies that Suzie shouldn’t have brought it up. But… Tami is the one who told Suzie about it and asked her to bring it up, right? (Well, if you want to step out of the world of editing and hear what Tami and Suzie really have to say on the matter, check out these interviews.)

Suzie can’t believe her ears, but also, her curiosity can’t be contained when she asks “Wait — was she good-looking?”

“Her tact and timing are not up to par,” Shaunie says. Tasha waves off the situation, saying she doesn’t want to give the woman any of her time and energy, but Suzie doesn’t know when to stop, and says that she only hires older, unattractive women to work in her house.
“Whateva!” Tasha says. “Let her take her lil’ money and keep it movin’.”
Tami is more shocked by the fact that Tasha is admitting they paid off the mistress.

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