Basketball Wives Episode 3: Really Right Or Really Wrong


Later, Tami says that she and Tasha spoke more at the dinner, and they were both told of their introduction to one another that “it could go really right or really wrong.” Tami brings this comment up to Shaunie. “I was a little bothered by the fact that we were told that we wouldn’t get along, that it could go real right or real wrong,” Tami says. She wants Shaunie to know that she thinks Shaunie’s telling Tasha this made a bad impression of who Tami is.
“It was not put out there to be a negative,” Shaunie says. She doesn’t understand why Tami is upset at something that didn’t go “really wrong” after all. “Here we are after the meeting, the meeting was fine, you guys like each other, so apparently there was no negative seed. Right? Thus, no negativity!” Shaunie said she was changing this season, but all this straight-to-the-camera eye contact is intense.

Tami is trying to change her image though and thinks “that comment could have been taken really negatively.” Shaunie says she stands by her comments that, yes, things really could have gone right or wrong, but they didn’t so end of story. But Tami’s not satisfied and tells Shaunie they’ll just have to agree to disagree on this.

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