Basketball Wives Episode 3: Really Right Or Really Wrong


Suzie’s been feeling bad about how she started things with Tasha, so they go to lunch so she can apologize for her bluntness. “I wanted to be like ‘Trick! I don’t even know you!'” Tasha tells her. Suzie says she only asked because Tami really wanted to know, which shocks Tasha. And the drama begins in 3…2…1.
“Neither one of the really knew me that well, I feel like it was a little intrusive,” Tasha says. “At the end of the day it’s really nobody’s business but mine and my husband’s.” It’s a little awkward, but you’ve got to love Tasha’s straightforwardness. The two women agree that they’ll attend Evelyn‘s PETA-sponsored birthday together to start over.

Speaking of PETA, Evelyn heads to their offices to see her photo spread for their new campaign. Not bad.

PETA_Evelyn Lozada_RatherGoNaked_300

“Is that me??” Evelyn asks when she sees the poster. The woman looks good.

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