Basketball Wives Episode 3: Really Right Or Really Wrong


Suzie and Tasha get a limo to go to Evelyn’s poster unveiling, and as they toast to their newfound friendship, they discuss their Evelyn’s current romantic life. Suzie still believes that Evelyn needs to move on, and Tasha is in the Tami camp where she thinks he can change and deserves a second chance. “She doesn’t even need a man!” Suzie exclaims, to which Tasha responds with her now-infamous remark: “This will be funny. She could wear a helmet on a date.” Suzie laughs along with Tasha in the moment, and later admits “I was a bit shocked she said that.”

“I felt like, Tasha knows Ev, and that’s just Tasha’s personality to make jokes.” Hey, we’ve all laughed uncomfortably at an awkward joke, but this…is going to be bad.

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