Basketball Wives Episode 3: Really Right Or Really Wrong


The party is a huge success, but everyone notices Tami’s absence. Ev explains that Tami, too, was up for a PETA campaign and that might be the reason she didn’t show. “I have no idea where Tami is,” Ev says. “I think she was trying to get PETA to add her to their campaign and she doesn’t really rub me like a hater but you know, sometimes women are funny.”

Evelyn heads to Shaunie’s house after the party and Shaunie fills her in on how Tami went off on her about the “real right or real wrong” business and how they planted negative seeds about her. “She’s planted her own seeds,” Evelyn says.
“I definitely, 1000% know that we did not plant a bad seed in Tasha’s head, so I just think it’s all bulls—,” Ev says.

Then Shaunie proceeds to do the “slow” Tami hair move, of carefully placing her hair behind her shoulder, “and her jaw always does like this.”
Slow Tami

“Bottom line is, this is how the negative stuff starts!” Shaunie says. It’s kind of funny how meta this whole thing is, because we know in real life how much the women have talked about removing the negativity from the show, and now here hey are addressing it within the show itself.

“I feel like the s—‘s gonna hit the fan at some point, definitely between Tami and Shaunie,” Evelyn says. “We’ll see.”

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