Where Are They Now? Reconnect With Some Of Your Favorite Tough Love Alums



Tough Love is essentially a makeover show. You take a bunch of women (or men!) with a dating issue, and over the course of eight weeks or so, you mold them into a better version of themselves, and there’s a very clear “before and after.” But for fans of the show who become invested in the process, we don’t always get to see the “after,” save for one reunion episode. So we did some digging to find out where some of your favorite cast members are nowadays, from all four of the previous seasons. Who’s married, who stayed with their matches from the show, and who’s still “single and ready to mingle.”

Be sure to catch the latest season of Tough Love: CoEd when it airs Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT.

Season One

Arian Mayer

“Things are great on my end. Back in college finally finishing my nursing degree and working as an EMT. I love helping people. I also volunteer as a tutor for homeless children. Still single but been dating regularly. NO the issue is NOT me, hahaha! I’ve been very picky. I have many offers of the table to get married and knocked up hahaha. Just want to focus on myself for a bit.”

Jody Green

“I moved in with my boyfriend I have been with since October of 2011 — funny, he and I have been running with the same crew of friends since college, just never met one another until my best friend who married his best friend introduced us. We moved in to our house in Venice in June 2012, and I got pregnant a week after we moved in together. Ruby Grace Green-Boris arrived March 7th. She is the love of our lives and we are both beyond excited to be her parents. We have a house in Beverly Hills, around the corner from my office (I was promoted to Vice President last year). So, essentially, you can have it all and it is never too late to have what you want — a career, a relationship and a family at 43. No plans to marry, we are happy as we are.”

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