Hit The Floor Star Jonathan McDaniel Makes Music For The Geniuses


How do you foresee your approach to music changing now that you’re a father?
I’ve always been a person that’s trying to give substance-that’s never going to change. I’m always going to be put on records that are good for people’s ears, but there’s a big part of me that’s changing now that I’m a father. Not just in music, but in acting–the roles that choose—and I feel like it’s very important as entertainers, for those of us that do have kids, to be very conscious of what we’re doing in front of our children and how we present ourselves in front of our children, and to let them know that this is entertainment.

What made you decided to record a track inspired by your day job?
I was in the studio, I found the right beat, the lyrics flowed with it, but, honestly, it’s the storyline. They wrote a great storyline: a young girl trying to find her way in the world, while being pulled in so many different directions. That storyline is so key for a lot of young women; there’s a lot of women who want to be famous, they want to have the world at their fingertips, and a lot of them go about it the wrong way. Hit The Floor is showing that side, but it’s also showing the side of person who doesn’t have those intentions, who is a good girl, but is pulled into a world of money, sex, craziness, drama. At the same time, it reminds you to dance. When the hook comes on it just brings you back to that, and I really want people to be able to get on the dance floor and feel good.

I’m guessing Taylour Paige has heard the song?
Yes, she has. I asked her to be in the video [for “Ima Love Me Down”] and she said that she would be, so I’m very excited. For “Hit The Floor,” it would be great to get any of the cast members to appear in the video. Everyone that is a part of the show is very supportive, and I think a lot of that starts with our creator, James LaRosa. He really set the bar with how the energy should be both on set and off set. And I think that’s the reason why our show is successful and we’re so close as a unit and a cast. It starts with our captain.

To download a copy of J’s A Geniuschild Unknown, head over to iTunes.

[Photo Credit: Piotr Sikora/VH1]

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