Top Moments Of Basketball Wives Episode 4: Entertaining Nonsense



Evelyn is back on the therapist’s couch this week discussing Chad again. She’s sought advice from her girlfriends, from her mom and sister, and now, the doctor, who asks her what it is that SHE wants to do in her relationship.
If there were no outside factors or opinions, no media scrutiny, what would Evelyn choose to do? She would choose to give Chad another shot, she says. She wants to be married, she wanted to be married to Chad, and she misses that. But the reality of the situation is not as perfect. “I felt like he can count on me for anything,” Evelyn says. “And it’s hard for me because he didn’t reciprocate that.”

But in spite of that and in spite of their physical altercation, she would still want to take him back. So the doctor asks the only logical question there is: “What is it that you know that we don’t know that would even make you consider giving it another try?”

“Just how we are with each other,” Evelyn says. “The way we make each other feel.” Dr. Nixon says that while that’s all good, “We think he would hit you.” Evelyn wants to continue therapy — hopefully even with Chad, to sort the relationship out.

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