Top Moments Of Basketball Wives Episode 4: Entertaining Nonsense



Tami has organized a day of luxury for her and her mom and it really looks like an amazing time at the fancy spa. Tami brings up the idea that she and her daughters had to have a family photo taken, and her mom, who is not generally a fan of photos, tells Tami she’s touched by the thought and the idea that Tami wants something to remember her by. “We have to be real…that day is coming,” Nadine tells Tami, and she’s truly appreciative that all four of them will have this opportunity and experience.

Nadine then tells Tami she has decided not to spend her final days in a hospice. “Every morning I wake up, I see death,” she says. Nadine plans to move out of Tami’s home and into a place of her own so that Tami doesn’t have to experience the death and the sad memories herself either. It’s maybe the least relaxing conversation I imagine one could have while getting a massage.

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