Top Moments Of Basketball Wives Episode 4: Entertaining Nonsense


At the gym, Suzie is talking to Tasha about a rumor that Evelyn and Chad are back together. (This episode is all about juxtaposing the most serious of conversations with the most random places to have them.) Suzie is really concerned about the truth to this rumor because she doesn’t want Evelyn getting back into an abusive relationship. Tasha seems more inclined to just let Ev do what she wants to do, and tells Suzie all they can do is support Evelyn.

Later, we find out that the real reason Suzie is so anti-Chad is because she also suffered abuse at the hands of an ex, which is one reason she ended up having a lisp and ultimately required jaw surgery. Suzie tells Ev that she communicated with her ex for a while after their breakup, until he hit her hard enough that she ended up in the emergency room. That seems to hit home for Evelyn. Suzie’s final word on the subject: “Forgive, but definitely don’t forget.”

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