Top Moments Of Basketball Wives Episode 4: Entertaining Nonsense


Evelyn and Shaunie have to reconvene one last time so Evelyn can tell Shaunie how Tami wanted to handle their four-way conversation. “She had this track suit on,” Evelyn begins. “She was B-boy’d out.” Ev says that they agreed to all get together and told Shaunie that Tami was “‘trying to change who I am,'” which earned a total “WHATEVS” Shaunie eye-roll.
“She was like ‘I may have to punch somebody in the face,'” Ev tells Shaunie.

“Punching me in the face?” Shaunie says. “Obviously?…Let me tell you what’s not gonna happen. None of this,” Shaunie imitates the Tami hand wave in the face, “and punching in the face.”

“I don’t entertain nonsense,” Shaunie says. “So this whole putting your hands on me, guess what? It won’t get there boo, ’cause I’m not gonna act the fool with you. BRING IT!”

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