Basketball Wives Episode 5: Smart Mouths


Pop A Bitch

Shaniece, as we learned earlier this season, was no fan of Ochocinco‘s. That was a bit of a surprise, knowing how close she is to her mother, but given her judgment and opinion on the entire Chad-Evelyn relationship, she seems like maybe one of the only people in Ev’s life who can be truly honest with her.

After the whole “photo situation,” in which Evelyn was photographed holding Chad’s hand last week as she entered a fan appreciation dinner, she checks in with Shaniece to ask if Shaniece was concerned at all when she saw that in the news. Shaniece tells her no, she wasn’t concerned because she knows where Evelyn’s head is at concerning the relationship now. “What was I thinking?” Ev asks. “I would never in life ever deal with that again. Ever.”

“I married him because I loved him and wanted to be with him,” Evelyn explains, adding that she truly loved him and they had a cool thing going on. “Flopped!” Shaniece says. “It flopped like a pancaaaaake,” Evelyn responds.

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