Basketball Wives Episode 5: Smart Mouths


Shaunie has yet another production underway that has something to do with the spouses of basketball players. The Wives Of Basketball is a stage play she’s producing in collaboration with playwright J.D. Lawrence, and she’s working out the details of the production. One thing in particular that has Shaunie concerned is the fact that there’s a part for her in the show.

“Are you gonna do it?” her boyfriend Marlon asks.

“Helllll no!” Shaunie says. She’s no stage ac-tor. But Marlon’s an actor and he’d love to be in it. Shaunie says she’s not just going to give him a part in the show because they’re dating and that he has to audition. But “if Marlon doesn’t get casted in the play…that might be a problem!”

Despite Shaunie’s nerves when the big audition comes, after she watches him act, she tells us “He nailed it!” Awkwardness avoided.

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