Basketball Wives Episode 5: Smart Mouths


All five women get together for the first time since their initial dinner meet-and-greet, in order to sort things out with all the various comments and things that have been said. It’s time to clear the air.

First things first: “Really right or really wrong.”

Shaunie asks Tasha to clarify what was said to her regarding Tami, and whether or not “I did or did not plant a negative seed in your head about Tami.”

“At the end of the day, no,” Tasha says looking right at Tami. Shaunie then continues, saying that the reason she thought things could go wrong was because both women have “smart mouths.” So it was a “phantom seed” that was sown, Shaunie says, defending her actions.

“So,” Evelyn says, putting her hand up…in Tami’s face… “Boop.”
“Don’t put your hand up,” Tami warns her, and she does it again. “You know I don’t like that. You don’t do me like this.” As Tami talks, Ev mutters “Bitch,” under her breath and Tami leaps from her chair and dares her “Put your hand up again! Put your hand up again!”
Shaunie stands up and intervenes, telling Tami “We’re not doing this now,” and that, Tami says, brings her “back to one.” She calms down and regroups.

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