Basketball Wives Episode 5: Smart Mouths


Back to Tasha having a smart mouth though…
Shaunie must have told Evelyn about Tasha’s head butt comments because after the Tami drama dies down, Evelyn says “I felt like, who says that? Like, who says head butt?”

“First of all, it wasn’t a jab at you, it wasn’t directed toward you,” Tasha says. “I could say to you , you know what, Evelyn, I don’t appreciate you putting that stuff in the book about what happened between me and my chef and what happened between me and Stephon, but I didn’t say that to you. You said you gave everybody disclaimers about putting it in there but you didn’t. You didn’t come to me and tell me about it.”

Cut to Shaunie who wants to be anywhere but here.

“…But I’m not upset,” Tasha finishes. From her expression, it seems like Evelyn realizes they’re kind of even now (maybe?) or at least they’ve both done something kinda s**tty to each other. But Tasha feels compelled to admit that this was not the first head butt comment she’s made. She mentions the conversation she had with Suzie in the car about how Evelyn should wear a helmet on a date, and says “But it was all in good fun.”

Again, cut to Shaunie —

and Tami,
who realize this is the most uncomfortable conversation ever.

Tasha says she and Suzie had a good laugh over the “joke.”

“And you thought that was funny?” Ev asks Suzie.


Things just went…really wrong.

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